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2890 Tata, Boróka u. 10-14.

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2890 Tata, Boróka u. 10-14.

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Programs, events

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Tata's tourist attractions marked on map

Programs, hiking possibilities (Click on the text for more information)

- Cruise on the Old Lake Tata

- Sightseeing with a small wheeled train

- Visiting the Castle Museum

- Walk in the English Garden

- Visiting the Fényes study trail in the conservation area of the Fényes Bath

- Fishing on Lake Cseke, Lake Derítő and the Fényes Bath in Tata

- Hiking the Monostori Woods in Komárom

- Climbing to the Turul bird and Selim Cave

- Bicycle tours

- Organized walking tours in the surrounding forests

- Segway and water bike experience

Bathing facilities:

- Thermal bath in Komárom

- Tatabánya Adventure Bath


- Hungarian Equestrian Theater, Komárom

- Jászai Mari Theater, Tatabánya

Featured events

- Spring Kvaterka Tata in the Esterházy Champagne Factory - 100 wines from 20 winemakers from the Neszmély wine region, twoo afternoon! (More information)

- Tatai Patara Turkish Historical Festival - The festival brings to life the Turkish life and historical events of Tata with battle scenes and victory fun. Great fun for the whole family! (More information)

- Tatai Sokadalom - Get to know the hungarian folk culture in the Tatai Sokadalom, which will be held again in June. During the series of programs organized by Kenderke Shool of Art, you can see folk dance, hear folk music concerts, buy works by craftsmen and taste traditionally prepared food. (More information)

- Tatai Water, Music, Flower Festival - Tata's most well-known event, the Tata Víz, Zene, Virág Festival, will be held on the last weekend of June! Thos who come to our city can enjoy many colourful programs, air and water demonstrations during these few days. Many famous performers guarantee a good atmosphere. You will get to know the colourful world of folk art and will also have plenty of culinary delights. Don't miss it! (More information)

- Carriage Festival, Kocs - The village of Kocs commemorates the famous invention of the 15th century and the masters who made the car with the International Kocsitoló Festival. The main attraction of the three-day event is the car racing competition in various categories. In addition to the competitions, the village of Kocs awaits both young and old with rich cultural and traditional programs during the festival. (More information)

- Tata Minimarathon - On the lakeside promenades, charming little streets, you can enjoy running in a calm pleasant environment and test yourself during the race. Join the crowded camp of runners . Come with your friends, family, either as a racer or as a fan. Everyone can enter, be it young or old, experienced or beginner! (More information)

- Old Lake Great Fishing, Tata - The Tata Fish Festival at Castle Square (Kastély tér) and on the shores of Old Lake. It is the only sight-seeing fishing in the country. The all-day fishing, fish sorting and fish fairs provide an opportunity to get to know the work of a fishermen. During the three-day program series, cultural programs will also take place with the participation of orchestras and traditional folk dance bands. Spend this adventurous weekend in Tata! (More information)

- Wild Goose Sokadalom, Tata - Autumn is not boring in Tata! An internationally famous and special event of the autumn - winter period is organized in our city. Everyone has the opportunity to watch the birds with telescopes. Bird ringing demonstrations, falconry demonstrations, ecotourism tour offers, astronomy programs are waiting for everyone. Come and see the thousands of wild geese fly in and out of the Old Lake. (More information)

Tavaszi Kvaterka Tatai Patara Tatai Sokadalom Tatai Víz, Zene, Virág Fesztivál Kocsitoló Fesztivál, Kocs Tatai Minimaraton Tatai Öreg-tavi Nagy Halászat Tatai Vadlúd Sokadalom